Our DNA is what makes all of us unique. It is our individual blueprint and makes us who we are. It is by looking into your DNA that GENEU can analyse the small variations in two specific genes responsible for how your skin ages.

Genetically, we only differ by 0.1%. This variation is responsible for our predisposition to different diseases and for our physical characteristics, such as our facial features, body shape and how our skin ages.

Once your results have been analysed at our London laboratory, which takes 2 working days, you will have the opportunity to consult with one of our highly qualified scientific advisors who will explain what your results mean and how your unique GENEU serums will improve your skin.



Your results will be ready in 2 working days from when we receive your return test. You will receive your unique U+ skin profile results cards, and be invited to have a consultation call with a GENEU Scientific Advisor. Appointments are available at our concession in the main beauty hall in Selfridges, or if preferred you can book a Virtual Results consultation which will be conducted by phone or Skype with our Scientific Advisor. If you do not wish to have a Results Consultation appointment, we can simply send you your results.

GENEU's scientific advisers are available to assist with your skin care enquiries



Your test results comprise your unique DNA personalised U+ Skin profile. This includes two results relating to your predisposition towards:
• Antioxidant protection
• Collagen breakdown
We will also provide you with a recommendation and details of the personally-prescribed GENEU skin care unique to your genes and lifestyle to optimise and future-proof the appearance of your skin.
GENEU's personalised skin care personally prescribed for you
It is essential to take the GENEU DNA Test and Lifestyle Assessment in order to purchase GENEU Personalised Skin Care. The DNA Test can be purchased individually or as part of a GENEU Starter Set.